Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Adopt a Cabin Project

At Arrowhead it can be a challenge to stay ahead of all the maintenance and repair work that we need to do. We are working diligently to bring all of our buildings up to a consistent level of repair. The next piece of this process is for us to upgrade and improve our summer camp cabins.

We have six cabins that we use as accommodation for our campers during summer camp. These buildings are winterized, each has a baseboard heater and built in bunks; they each have a shingle roof and a small porch.

At Arrowhead we have some beautiful big pines, cedars and fir trees, these leave a lovely coat of needles on the floor of the forest. Unfortunately they also leave a lovely coat of needles on each roof, which then promotes the growth of moss. One of the upgrades that we are excited to include in this project is a brand new shiny red steel roof for each cabin. This will help us promote the longevity of our buildings. We are also planning to include some brown aluminum fascia for each building as well.

Each of the buildings is finished inside with chip board. This unfortunately leaves us with some odour issue in the heat of summer. The adopt a cabin renovations will see this removed and replaced with tongue & grooved pine boards. We will also be installing a larger window and pot lights into each building.

Each building has a solid wood door, this unfortunately has not served sufficiently to use these buildings in the winter. That coupled with a need to insulate the floor, it is our hope to install insulated doors for winter use and screen doors for summer use; we will also be insulating the floors.

This may all seem like a daunting task that is prohibitively expensive. Working with our local supplier we have determined that each cabin will cost between $4,000 and $4,500 dollars. The way that translates to our "Adopt a Cabin Project" will be determined by those church groups that feel led to join with us.

By committing to take part in this project a group commits to raise funds and work through all of the renovations over the course of five years to completion. If a group would like to partner with us in this program, but does not feel that they will be able to come here and complete the work, we can arrange to have the work done on your behalf.

We currently have two churches that have expressed interest in partnering with us in this program. It's always exciting to see people come and serve and minister along side us in this way. If you think this might be something your church or group would be interested in, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

This video was created by a friend of ours, Micheal Parrington, for use in making known the opportunity to minister at ANBC in very practical physical ways. It will perhaps give you a bit of an idea what it is like to serve here during one of our semiannual work weeks.

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