Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 Work Week

Last week preparations began for our annual Spring Work Week! We are anticipating a complete overhaul and reinvention of our Tuck Shop building, and to begin I gutted the building as much as I was able and cleared it all out.

 This building will look much differently by next Saturday.

As part of our re-imagining of the ANBC Tuck Shop we took advantage of the going out of business sale at Zellers and availed ourselves of some of the fixtures and furniture during their clearance sale.

These stools will sit in front of the counter in the new tuck shop.

I made a trip to Cocagne on Friday and picked up this load of lumber for us to use for re-siding the outside of the tuck shop. A major issue that we have had in the past is bats living behind the siding of this building. So, we are going to replace and bat proof the East wall and hopefully be bat free ongoing.

This wonderful rack was built several years ago by Jamie Weber, a friend and volunteer from Gorrie, Ontairo. We are so thankful for gifts like this that enable us to do all of the things we need to do at ANBC.

Today marked the first day of our 2013 work week, we were joined by the Nielsen family 5 as well as the Strouts. It was great to work together as local missionaries. The ladies took care of some of the Spring cleaning, while Todd & Kevin tackled a rather serious moisture problem around a window and air conditioner in the kitchen. I dealt with some water woes; I had a professional in today to look at our water system as it had ceased making water. He has taken some water samples, but he is suspicious that we have high levels of Manganese in our water, and this has ruined the pump on our reverse osmosis unit. We should know in the next couple of days just what the verdict will be, but Lord willing we should be able to start making water again in the near future. In the interim we have brought in bottled water for cooking and drinking. The water system is still working for our showers, toilets and dishes, so we are not out of commission, but we are prayerful that the expense of dealing with Manganese in the water will not be overwhelming.

Tonight we are excited to welcome a ministry team from Victory Baptist Church near Newmarket, Ontario. They are tackling the renovation project in the speakers cabin. It is our hope to have this building be a self sufficient housekeeping unit. It will serve for volunteers in the summer and be available as a getaway rental throughout the year. We are so blessed and excited to have this team with us, for the first time, this year.

 Todd & Kevin beginning to work on the water damaged wall around the air conditioner.
All completed, with a casement window filling the space. A job well done and serious damage prevented. Thanks to Don & Sue Currie for the donated window.

The ladies got busy with the Spring cleaning, Eve (above) Liz & Marcia got right to business scrubbing and tidying!

Stay tuned for updates and pictures throughout this week!

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