Saturday, July 2, 2011

Camp is Upon Us!

Hello friends, I am indeed sorry for having neglected you for the past couple of weeks. Liz and I have been really very busy with a lot of camp prep! Much has happened since my last post. When I last posted we were just returning from our grocery grabber trip to Nova Scotia. On that trip we picked up Ben, one of our Bible School students who will be working with us for the whole summer. The next day Ben and I went to Moncton to meet Isaac at the airport. He is another NBBI student who will be working at Arrowhead for the summer.

Isaac and Ben have been with us for the two weeks preceding our summer camps. Their help has been huge and their servants hearts and positive attitudes have been a great encouragement!

On Monday we were joined by a missions team from Illinois who had come to Fredericton on a missions trip. They came to ANBC for the day to assist us with some work projects. Their assistance was very welcome!

It's always great to have help from people interested in this ministry. These folks did in one day what it would have taken me two weeks to do!

Ben and Isaac worked with me throughout the week doing MANY projects that I had hoped to accomplish before camp. Everything from organizing our office library and sheet music to hauling brush, mowing, weeding, campus repairs and landscaping! It was a full week to be sure. That Saturday we all piled in the camp truck and went to Sussex to meet Ethan. We then spent the day running some last minute camp errands!

Our good friends Dan & Gwen brought Ethan up to Canada with them, we met them in Sussex.

On Sunday our friend Ben Lawson arrived with his kids to spend the week in a cabin at ANBC. All three of them have been a huge help to us in preparing for camp. Ben's daughter has been helping Liz in the kitchen and craft cabin, while Ben and his son have been hard at work with us as we've continued to work away at some pretty major projects. This week the fellas leveled some property that was in need of landscaping; we spent a long day designing and building paths for the boys cabins. We cleaned up and painted the tuck shop. With Ben's help we brought an old ice cream freezer back to life. It's been another great week. I've had to spend some time in the office with the books and planning some games for our teen camps. Meanwhile, Liz has cleaned the big main lodge and kitchen and organized all of the cleaning and storage closets.

Our brand new paths for the boys cabins.

The team that made the paths happen!

Ben in our freshly renovated Tuck Shop!

Well, it's Saturday night and if it aint done now - it aint needin' done. We're all excited to meet the rest of the incoming staff tomorrow as they arrive. It's always great to see the Lord work through the weeks of camp.

Please keep us in prayer as we seek to share the gospel over the next five weeks. Pray for our staff, for endurance, patience and wisdom as we strive to work together in harmony and with a single mind. Pray for the incoming campers - that the Lord would provide for these kids to come to camp and that they might see Christ in our staff and hear the gospel clearly in the cabins and chapel times. Pray for safety as we engage in games, swimming and activities. Pray for health for our campers AND staff - personally, I have been struggling with hives again this summer and would appreciate your prayer for relief from them. Summer camp is a special opportunity to build relationships and begin to plant the seeds of the gospel - your prayers are a vital part of these opportunities!

I hope to post one, perhaps two blog updates per week during camp. Keep checking back to hear what's happening this summer at Arrowhead. You can also follow ANBC on Facebook by clicking HERE.

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