Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Last week Liz and Marcia took the St. John's Ambulance First Aid course in Fredericton on Monday and Tuesday. Kevin and I took the same course, with a different instructor, on Thursday and Friday. Prior to having taken the course, we felt strongly that it would be beneficial for at least the four of us to have this training. After taking the course, it is abundantly obvious that it was worth both the time and expense. Although the course is short, some of the skills and knowledge that we gained over the two days are invaluable for anyone to have. By all taking the course, we share the burden of safety. The pressure that would be on only a single individual having First Aid would be significant. A fifteen acre property, hosting as many as a hundred individuals per week is no small thing and a lot of ground to cover in an emergency. So, we've shared the burden, and we feel, improved the safety of all those on the property.

Year end is drawing near. It is time for the bookkeepers to show for all of their work throughout the year. N.C.E.M.'s C.F.O., Roan Elford, has been encouraging all of us to work to the very best of our abilities for the Glory of God. For the past couple of years he has been impressing upon us the importance of working to the greatest of our capability, and not simply to do just enough. With our bookkeeping practices, we want to strive to be above reproach and better organized than is required by law. The way in which we work and carry ourselves professionally is seen by the world at large and is a direct reflection on, not only the ministry, but our testimonies as well! This month all N.C.E.M. bookkeepers will carefully examine their books and documents to ensure that everything is correct and in order. All of this will be done prior to year end. Is it required by law that we do this? No, but that is entirely beside the point. The point is that we will strive, together, to ensure that our bookkeeping practices are accurate and organized. This is not done simply to please the auditor or the government, it is done to bring Glory to God in our labours! It is good stewardship.

We try to carry these principles into all aspects of the administration of Arrowhead. We seek out appropriate training opportunities. We strive to be more organized than required and operate at as high a level as possible. As with our desire to maintain the buildings and property, good enough is not sufficient. And by the wonderful generosity of individuals with their time and finances, we are able to operate this wonderful facility. We are excited to see it grow to it's full potential for the Glory and Honor of God!

By way of announcement, Liz and I received a notification that we have graduated to Junior Membership with N.C.E.M. This means that we have met the criteria of Junior membership by completing our P.A.T.H. training and our regular monthly support has reached 80%. For this we praise the Lord. We look forward, Lord willing, to many years of ministry wish to thank each of you for your continued prayer and support.

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