Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rolling to a Halt.

Yesterday as we pulled out of the yard we had no idea that our little car would never be returning. As we drove to an appointment in a neighboring community the car made some strange noises. Little did we know but, although the gauges never fluttered the engine had run out of coolant and just as we pulled into the parking lot of our destination the car breathed it's last, and coughed out one small little puff of smoke. Unfortunately, because of the age and condition of the car, it is not worth attempting a resurrection. It will be going to a junk yard tomorrow. I salvaged the tires and battery and will get as much as I can for them on Kijiji.

Since we are going to be out West for a couple of weeks beginning this weekend we won't be looking for a replacement vehicle until we return. Please keep this in prayer, that we might be able to find a suitable vehicle within our means.

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