Monday, May 25, 2009

Questions about finances...

As you may have noticed, Elizabeth and I very seldom talk about our finances with respect to this ministry work. We feel strongly that this work is the Lord's and He will provide for it as He sees fit. As such we try not to make money a focal point of what we're doing.

We have however been receiving some inquiries as to the status of our finances, so here we will endeavor to answer some of your questions.

Trusting in the Lord completely to provide for our needs is a bit scary, especially as new missionaries. It means that we have to let go of control... and that is no easy thing. Liz and I have entered into a new phase of our lives, one that gives us the opportunity to trust the Lord in ways that we never could before because of ... well, quite frankly our selves. It's an exciting time and we are looking forward to it very much.

We've begun to find that Faith missions seems to have become something of a cultural oddity in our society. There is a misunderstanding of just what it means to work as a volunteer and be supported by those who believe in the work that we are doing with NCEM at Arrowhead. Much in the same way that a pastor/minister relies on the financial support of his congregation, missionaries rely on the financial support of churches and individuals who would like to be a part of the ministry in a practical way. God doesn't call everyone to be career missionaries, praying for and financially supporting a missionary is a way that you can share in the ministry in a very real way.

By way of an update for you, NCEM executive have worked with us on a monthly budget. We have a personal budget set in the amount of $3,175. This monthly amount encompasses our living expenses, travel expenses, ministry expenses, personal expenses, retirement, health insurance, some training and taxes. Our monthly pledged support has been growing and we are currently averaging about 40% of our budget.

Elizabeth and I are currently not on salary with the mission. This means that any money that has been coming in has been set aside in trust for our ministry work when we do begin on salary. Some of these monies have been available for any ministry expenses that we have had during our ongoing period of deputation.

We are very grateful for the financial sacrifices of those who support our work with NCEM with gifts of money, we are blessed by every single dollar.

It is so important though that we have a powerful team of prayer warriors! And even though you may not be led to support us financially, we hope you will feel led to support us in prayer! There is a great Spiritual warfare raging against the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the prayers of believers are vital to the ongoing struggle.

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