Saturday, April 18, 2009

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Well, we've made it. It was a long journey yesterday that began in Windsor, NS with Kevin. Here's a bit of a recap of our day for you!

5:15 rise and shine.

6:30 out the door and hit the road, each lovingly hugging a Timmy's

7:30 we arrived at the park n' fly at Stanfield International Airport

8:00 we checked our bags and endured security... strangely enough Liz was the only one they had to pat down.

9:00 lift off, we were on our way.

9:45 we arrived in Ottawa after an hour and three quarters for an additional 1 hour layover

11:00 we flew to Toronto arriving at 11:45am

12:00 noon we discovered that our flight (originally scheduled to leave at 3:00) was delayed until 6:20.

12:30 we were treated to a complimentary dinner by Air Canada

1:00 to 6:00 we wandered aimlessly around the terminal, fell asleep in precarious places and Liz tested hand cream at every possible occasion.

6:00 we boarded our flight bound for Saskatoon

6:10 we were informed by the pilot that there was an error on the flight manifest regarding fuel and we would have to wait fifteen minutes or so for it to be reconciled

6:30 we were informed by the pilot that they were unable to reconcile the fuel log and would have to measure the fuel manually.

7:15 we were informed that the fuel had been measured and we would be on our way shortly

7:20 we were informed that we were still awaiting sign off from the ground crew and would be just a few minutes

8:00 lift off

9:50 we arrived in Saskatoon (11:50 our time)

10:00 retrieved our luggage (which all arrived in good order)

10:30 supper at Subway in Saskatoon with Venus and Andrew

12:20 arrived in Prince Albert, by this time we had been traveling for very near to 22 hours, Kevin, Liz and Venus were getting quite dozy and I can't remember much of the drive, although apparently I was 'awake'...

We had a wonderful rest at the Mission Guest House and a lovely breakfast with Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Today Liz and I have enjoyed meeting with some of the executive and have had a tour of the headquarters. It has been great to see some old friends and meet some people that we've talked to on the phone. We are really looking forward to a wonderful week at Timber Bay.

We will be leaving Prince Albert on Monday morning and driving about 90 minutes north to Timber Bay Bible Camp for a week of meetings. There will be 50 people in attendance. I'm not sure if I'll have any access to internet there or not, but I'll give an update when I can.

The Happy Travellers, patiently waiting at Pearson.

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