Monday, April 13, 2009

janitors, airplanes and ...

It has been a couple of weeks now since I finished up my job with BeaverTails. It just so happened that our church was at the same time beginning the process of seeking a new janitor / custodian to fill a part time position. I applied for the job and as it turns out they have given me the position in the interim while we sell our home and prepare to move. The Lord is faithful and has continuously provided for our needs as we've stepped out into this ministry opportunity. Praise the Lord! This job will be flexible enough to allow us to continue our deputation and make the numerous trips that will be required of us over the coming few months.

We have had three viewings here at the house, the most recent of which was the most promising, but has apparently not worked out. The perspective buyers were deliberating between our place and one other, but we haven't heard from them since the viewing. I'm certain the Lord has someone out there, who is in need of a home, all lined up to buy ours at just the right time.

We are preparing, this week, to go to NCEM headquarters for the first of several week long meetings. These training sessions are in addition to the MDP training that we will be taking next Spring. We are both very much looking forward to visiting headquarters and meeting some of our colleagues. The meetings themselves are being held at Timber Bay Bible Camp, a couple of hours north of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. It will be great to reconnect with some friends that we made at the Eastern Field conference last August as well. From what I understand there will be about fourty NCEM missionaries at this round of meetings.

On Thursday, I will be driving to Victoria Beach, NS to pick up Kevin. Kevin and Marcia will be arriving in NS via the Princess of Acadia ferry on Wednesday. I have to take our puppy, Lucy to the farm for a week of baby sitting, so it works out perfectly. He will come here to Windsor and spend the night Thursday night. Then we will leave from here early Friday morning to catch our flight in Halifax at 9:00 am. Our flight itinerary takes us through Ottawa, to Toronto and arrives at Saskatoon later that afternoon. Someone from the mission will meet us at the airport there and transport us back to Prince Albert.

I will try to get my hands on a computer while we're out West and post an update on the meetings and goings on. We appreciate your prayers as we travel, it has been a lot of years since either Liz or I have flown - so there is some anxiety about that.

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