Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Questions about Finances

We are often asked about our financial situation. It can be tricky to talk about and maybe even a little bit uncomfortable. As missionaries, we are open books, our financial situation is open to the public. And there are a lot of different ideas about the lifestyle that should be maintained by missionaries (pastors too). It is certainly not the perspective of us at Arrowhead to seek after wealth, but we want to answer some questions for you that we are often asked.

So I'm going to take a few minutes to help clarify just how we survive here financially. Liz and I serve in leadership here at Arrowhead Native Bible Center. We are full time supported missionaries with NCEM. As full time missionaries we have to raise our own financial support team. Our colleagues, Marcus and Kameron Cook work in much the same way, though they have another income source outside of their regular financial support.

The mission encourages us to strive to be at a support level that will allow us to live in the region we are in without the distraction from ministry that can come with financial burden. Our priority is not money, it is not fundraising - our priority is to serve the Lord fully and faithfully - and to be good Christian stewards of those resources God provides for us. NCEM has made recommended goals for both the Cook family ($5,000 a month) and the Fawcett family ($6,300 a month). These goals sound lofty, but these recommended levels include; all government contributions (taxes, CPP, EI, etc.), a 7% administration fee from NCEM, all planned savings for retirement, health and life insurances and living expenses.

Something that complicates things a bit in the mind of people is the fact that Arrowhead too operates by the generous donations of churches and individuals wishing to partner in ministry with us. Arrowhead is not subject to taxes and administration fees, 100% of money given to our general fund or project funds comes to Arrowhead. These funds are used for the stewardship of the facility, the function of programs and of course our beloved summer camp programs.

I hope this answers any questions you may have, but if not - please do feel free to drop us a line and ask. We're happy to answer as best we can.

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