Thursday, September 21, 2017

An Intern at Arrowhead

We are very pleased to announce that Kyle Hubick has been accepted as a one year intern at Arrowhead Native Bible Center. Kyle will work with me (Grant) directly and be involved in every area of our ministry; administration, maintenance, planning, facilitating and operating our summer camp programs, conferences and social media. In addition to being exposed to all of the administration and function of the ministries at Arrowhead he will be assigned a number of books and a cross-cultural communications course as a part of his internship. Kyle will also be responsible to assist with a kids club and teen discipleship program at St. Mary's First Nation.

We are so excited to have Kyle moving here to work with us for this year. We would ask that you pray for Kyle as he prepares to come and after he arrives. Kyle will be living in "The Nest" cabin right here at Arrowhead, but he will need to raise $1200 a month of support to cover his expenses (ministry travel, accommodations, food etc.). Would you consider committing to support Kyle for a year as he serves at Arrowhead? Will you pray for the ministries here at Arrowhead and for Kyle as he interns?

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