Friday, August 25, 2017

ANBC Summer Camps 2017

Our summer camps are a huge part of the ministry at Arrowhead — and we love every minute. This year was no exception, there were blessings and trials, challenges and triumphs. God was at work and we laboured to encourage the staff to be submitted fully to serving the Lord!!

Thank you for your continued support in prayer and finances. Without your faithfulness we would be unable to continue to serve the Lord here at Arrowhead.

Staff Training
Every year we build into our volunteers by striving to equip and enable them for ministry—most importantly we draw our attention to the centrality of Christ to both our message and our labours.

We were blessed this year to have Marsha Boyd-Mitchel join us from the Christian Action Federation to speak to our staff.

Teen Camp 
Kirk Hubick joined us this year for our teen camp and walked through the Gospel clearly and steadily with our campers.

Junior Camps
Our junior camp serve ages 8-12, it is always amazing to see the Lord work in the lives of both our camper sand volunteers. Our programs are designed to involve all of our staff in the teaching and discipleship. It is a wonderful opportunity to speak the message of the gospel into the lives of young people.

Nova Scotia Camp Out
Typically we like to offer 2 different out trips, this year due to the NCEM general conference we wer eunable to offer two, but offered an extended trip to lower Nova Scotia. The discipleship and ministry that happens naturally as we enjoy the week together is beyond measure. We've seen the Lord do some amazing things on these trips. 

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