Friday, June 23, 2017

Honor Shame Conference

It was a tremendous blessing to attend the honor shame conference at Wheaton College in Illinois.  Mark Dana arranged for the men from the NCEM Eastern Field to travel to and attend this conference. Carl, Kevin, Mark & I flew from Fredericton to the conference.

The conference was a tremendous blessing and served to be extremely thought provoking. Considering the cultural moral frameworks that are expressed in our world and the application of the Gospel to those cultures has caused me to see the message of the Good News in whole new dimensions.

In addition to a wonderful conference, the fellowship with these guys was refreshing and a great time.

Kevin Strout, Mark Dana, Grant Fawcett & Carl Sonnichsen

We had some unfortunate challenges with Air Canada, but enjoyed a 10 hour road trip from Montreal instead. 

We were unable to take pictures during the conference for the safety of those who might be working in a closed country. So we took lots of selfies instead.

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