Saturday, April 8, 2017

Wagons East: On The Road

Thanks to everyone who contributed financially to this effort. Because of your contributions the trip was a huge success. The van ran beautifully, and will make a wonderful addition to the ministry here at Arrowhead; and we were able to load it with a great supply of materials and items that will benefit the ministry here as well.

It was such a great privilege to reconnect with friend and fellow missionary Jonathan Yeo and his family. 

Jonathan has a coffee business selling green beans, you'll never have better coffee than the stuff you roast yourself. (

Liz and I bought this little utility trailer so that we could haul as much as possible back to NB. It was a challenge to get it registered once we got it here - but all is taken care of now. 

Jonathan drove me up to Lac La Biche to pick up the van and load it with our cargo. 

We saw lots of Prarie sights on the Prairie open road. 

Lizs' brother Jonathan DeNuke met me at Lac La Biche and we drove back together! Here we stopped in Cold Lake for supplies.
Big sky in the Praries. 

We stopped at NCEM head office; David and Ralph showing us  the old press room—they have been working at dismantling the old presses for recycling.

Blaine working at editing video footage at Tribal Trails. 

Brent & Blaine gave us a tour of the Tribal Trails studio.

NCEM head office in Prince Albert, SK. 

 We were blessed by a kind gift of gift cards for our journey, Timmy's fuelled our journey.

We marched along on our journey through Saskatchewan and Manitoba... 

Making a late night arrival in Ontario.

We discovered the ice road in Kenora... and decided to avoid it this time through. 

We saw this chap in Fort Vermillion; Joe from #PushForChange ( 

New Brunswick was a welcome sight... if snowy. 

 After 5500 kms we landed home safe and sound! 

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