Saturday, June 18, 2016

Cookie Day

It was a huge blessing to have all of these folks join us for the day. The ladies worked diligently in the kitchen to make over 140 dozen cookies for our summer camps; while the guys and kids busied themselves outside helping with brush and property prep for camp! We had a crew of men here the same day to install the brand new playground at ANBC as well! It was a huge day.

Edie, Alisha and Cathy cookie-ing... 

The new playground posts holding up Roger! 

These lads did a fantastic job of cleaning up brush and trees all over camp. 

Cathy & Janeice got an early start on the cookie baking! 

Carol was out first thing and had those ovens all warmed up and cooking bright and early. 

Our fabulous group of hard working kiddos... and Josh!  

Lots of playground parts... and a big thick instruction book... that we followed... honest. 

Lots of gravel to move around!! 

The lads.  

The ladies had the kitchen hopping as they baked cookies for all of our summer camp ministries! 

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