Monday, April 25, 2016

Spring Work Week 2016

Every spring we are blessed to have a team from Peterborough Free Methodist Church join us to help us be good stewards of the property here at Arrowhead. This year we had 10 people join us, as well as Greg and Colleen Kent from Prince Edward Island and a number of men from our local church here in Cumberland Bay.

We had a fantastic few days together as the team applied over 100 litres of stain to 6 buildings on our property including several cabins, the book shop and the lodge! They also built for us an archery/tomahawk enclosure and we plan to launch a brand new archery program this coming summer for our summer camps!

We will be hosting a one day property clean up in May if you'd like to get in on the action!

Some of the gang getting the stain on "The Craft Barn" 

So thankful for these folks and their desire to serve the Lord. 

These lads built our safety fence for the tomahawk throwing gallery.

We repurposed the old raft and used it as the floor for this archery enclosure!

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