Tuesday, March 29, 2016

So... it's almost April!

It's been a while. I haven't had the gumption to compose a blog for some time. In fact, Liz and I were so very exhausted from last years activities, that we went into complete station keeping mode for January and February. We ran the book shop, maintained the financial books, maintained the buildings, hosted a couple of rentals and kept up with correspondence - but otherwise we intentionally tried to engage in rest. It was good, but it certainly highlighted the necessity for us to have a healthy balanced schedule - and Lord willing to find another couple who will come and serve with us here on a full time basis.

That is, in fact, our biggest prayer request right now. That another couple would consider coming and joining us in the roles of maintenance and kitchen management. We have some very exciting ideas for the growth of the ministry here at Arrowhead, I think the Lord is going to use this place mightily. We are eager to meet the couple that the Lord calls to join us!

Our year is shaping up nicely for 2016. We have an ambitious schedule for our summer camps, and I am very much enjoying connecting with church teams that we can support in ministering here at Arrowhead this summer. We are strongly encouraging teams to come and serve together, and have some fantastic opportunities for the team to take ownership of the ministry here.

I will be traveling to Gorrie, Ontario to facilitate volunteer training with the team from there in May. If you're from Ontario and would like to consider joining us this summer - you would be more than welcome to join us for that weekend.

Our computer suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure in February. It has set us back a little bit as far as preparing materials and correspondence. I think the greatest loss was our most current database. I have a database on back up - but it is over a year old - so we may have lost some of our addresses. If you would like to be sure that you are on the mailing list to receive our prayer letters or the Arrowhead Quiver - you can eMail your snail mail address to us at fawcetts@maritimers.ca

I hope to post regular blog updates from this point on - I would like to commit to one a week. We'll see what I can muster. Stay tuned.

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