Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Food Handling Course

Yesterday I had the privilege, along with some friends, to take a brief food handling course. Although this was not a certification program - it did offer some great insight into some of the safety regulations for our commercial kitchen. The NB government offered this introductory program for any charitable organizations (ex: churches, care homes, camps etc.), this was in response to a serious food borne illness that resulted in the death of an elderly woman - due to improper food handling, in NB recently. I am very pleased with how we run our kitchen at Arrowhead and we strive every year to improve wherever we can. The safety and health of our volunteers and guests is very important to us; so operating at the highest possible level of food safety is our goal. This motivation is driving a number of the improvements that we plan for our Spring Work Week in April.

I spoke with the instructor, and although the NB Gov't does not inspect summer camp facilities and their kitchens, he is happy to visit and give us pointers and advice for how we can be most food safe. I plan to invite him to come in May after we have completed our work week.

 Myself, Lisa Weaver, Joel, Tara & Zoe Hoyt

Roger proudly displaying his ABC's of food safety manual!

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