Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fair Havens Community Church

Last week we had a ministry team join us from Beaverton (and greater Beaverton), Ontario; from Fair Havens Community Church. They came ready to work, and work they did. It was their primary intention to complete the "adopt a cabin" project that they had begun last year, and not only did they accomplish that, but they helped complete several other projects as well. I had been feeling the pinch to get the property ready for camp - but by the time the team was ready to leave everything looked fresh and ready for campers. It has been a wonderful blessing to have them join us this year.

Heather & Ashley never seemed to stop working... and they became experts in a wide variety of jobs this week!

Thumbs up from Chris & Joe! Everyone worked so hard to complete these cabins!

Marilyn & Melanie kept everyone well fed for the entire week!

Andrew, Chris & Joe... put some finishing touches on the staff bathrooms - now we can use them again! (Don't tell the staff...)

What a fantastic week we had with these servant hearted folks!!

The team from Fairhavens Community Church. We had a fantastic week having these faithful folks with us!

Andrew did a mighty lot of yard work this week... betweel he and Marilyn they raked most of our leaves on the property!

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