Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Summer Materials Project 2014

For the past several years we have presented a need, by the way of this project, to churches and individuals that are interested in the ministries of Arrowhead Native Bible Center. Each year some of these projects are taken on and the financial provisions make it possible for us to acquire these materials for our summer camp programs. We are once again presenting a number of projects that are important parts of our ministries.

At Arrowhead, it is our goal to have good materials that are complementary to the program that we facilitate each week of our summer camps. We strive for a cohesive program that points to the theme for each day. Our focus every week is to clearly present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have selected several pieces of printed material for this summer that we would like to use for our program for our junior and teen camps; as well as for our volunteer training program. Please take the time to look at what we've selected and consider partnering with us in acquiring these materials.

We are prayerfully presenting five projects, and are seeking five churches to partner with us in raising funds to acquire these valuable materials for our summer camp programs. If you, or your fellowship, feel led to do so, please drop us a line.

Volunteer Training Books

Each year we offer a mandatory weekend of cross cultural ministry training for our incoming volunteers. As a part of the training program we have some mandatory reading that complements Arrowhead's model for Gospel Training and discipleship. This year we have prepared a book in house that we anticipate will cost approximately $10 each. It is a valuable tool and will be very beneficial to those coming to serve alongside of us at ANBC.

Because this is a somewhat large project, we are presenting it in three separate projects. If we can have three churches each take on one of these projects we will meet our goal.

Project 1 • 25 copies • estimated cost $250
Project 2 • 25 copies • estimated cost $250

Project 3 • 25 copies • estimated cost $250

Junior Camp Cabin Devotion Books

Having solid Biblical cabin materials to complement the teaching during our junior camps is vital. This year we have selected some materials that will, throughout the week teach the children about the attributes of God. The materials come from "Truth For Kids", and we are excited to make it a part of our program.

Project 4 • Junior Camp Books • estimated cost $200

Teen Camp Cabin Devotion Books

Finding suitable materials for teen camp can be challenging, having materials that are Gospel focused and centered on Christ is key if it is going to fit with our teen camp program. This year we have found some material that we are excited to have as a part of our program. The teen materials come from the senior portion of the "Truth For Kids" program.

Project 5 • Teen Camp Books • estimated cost $100


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