Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Camps, Concerts & Churches

This past weekend had us serving and ministering in various capacities across the province. It's nice to be getting into the swing of speaking engagements again, and we've hit the road running.

On Saturday morning I had the privilege of sharing in ministry with Todd & Zack Nielsen at the Hampton Bible Camp men's breakfast. Hampton Bible Camp is a CSSM ministry, of which my good friend Ben Lawson is the director. He asked that I come and give a presentation about Arrowhead and share from the word with the men at the breakfast. Initially I felt quite awkward about the prospect of talking about Arrowhead at a CSSM camp. But Ben reminded me that we are not competing with one another, we are co-labourers for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been a great encouragement to find that so many of the local Bible Camp directors have this attitude. Along with Hampton Bible Camp, Sandy Cove Bible Camp (CSSM) and Green Hill Lake Bible Camp (Convention of Atlantic Baptists) have both been generous with both resources, advice and fellowship. It was additionally a blessing to be able to share in ministry with Todd & Zack Nielsen. As they strive to raise financial and prayer support, it is fun to be able to minister together.

It was a blessing to have the opportunity to share some thoughts from The Word.

Todd & Zack bringing some "Hoe-Down" music. If you want to know what Hoe Down is all about, you'll have to come out and hear them sing this Spring.

On Saturday evening Liz and I were blessed to attend the Rising Above Fundraiser Concert at Sunset Church in Fredericton. Among performers were Howard Jolly and Richard Paul, the evening was filled with talented musicians sharing in music. It was a blessing to hear hymns sung in Mik'maq. The evening was a success and a wonderful opportunity for fellowship.

Howard Jolly and Richard Paul, along with his band, collaborated for some fantastic songs of praise.

On Sunday evening we had the privilege of sharing an Arrowhead update at Devon Park Baptist Church. The Nielsen Family 5 brought ministry in music and had the opportunity to introduce themselves and share a bit of how the Lord brought them to be candidate missionaries with NCEM.

The Nielsen Family 5 at Devon Park Baptist Church

This week finds us digging out from under another snow storm, as we work to prepare for the ANBC Spring Work Week and then the Men's Retreat. There are exciting things happening, stay tuned, and maybe even come out and join us in ministry.

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