Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Snail Mail!

Hello friends! We've finally gotten our prayer letter together and are just about to put it in the mail! We are often asked if we can eMail our prayer letter, and I guess generally we don't. eMailing a .PDF comes accompanied with a host of problems that most often makes that an inefficient way of communicating. So, for all intents and purposes this blog serves as an electronic prayer letter. But, there is something to be said for having something come in the mail that you can read.

The Lord has provided for us in a unique way to be able to afford to send out mailings of our prayer letter, and we really feel that it is a part of our ministry to do so. Although it is our hope to send out four printed prayer letters a year, this has not been the case in 2012. I could insert a host of excuses here, but suffice it to say, with a new baby and managing the various programs and events at Arrowhead, our prayer letter mailings have suffered. So, our current letter is chalk full of pictures and updates from the past months. We will also be including our newest prayer card as well, with a brand new family photo.

We would be more than happy to include you in our mailing, so if you have not been receiving our prayer letters in the mail and would like to simply drop me an eMail and we'll see that you get in on this weeks mailing.

Thanks for your prayers and support this year. We trust the Lord has been honoured and glorified by all that has transpired at Arrowhead and in Atlantic Canada.

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