Friday, February 24, 2012


Today Roan and I (really - more Roan than I... but I try to help... tell the occasional story... and make noises through the pipes) began installation of the air induction system and reverse osmosis unit. We cut into the supply from the new well and ran a line into the air induction system - this is the first stage of filtration in the process, it will prepare the water for the "R.O." unit. Now that we have run the lines for those two units we will focus our attention on the float system in the holding tank and the UV light installation. If all goes well (well... ha... see what I did there...) tomorrow we should complete our work with the filtration system and be able to do a dry run (ha! dry run...).

Things are going rather smoothly and we have been enjoying working together! It is certainly nice to have pleasant company to work along side for the week! And it is very exciting to see the system take shape and realize just how beneficial it will be to the ministries of ANBC! We are so very grateful for the Minute Man program and for Roan who has been willing to take so much time from his schedule to come and install it for us!

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