Thursday, January 12, 2012

a little input.

Something that I have been mulling over for the past several months is the possibility of initiating an advisory committee for Arrowhead Native Bible Center. In the past there have been committees, but nothing quite like this has been initiated in the past. There is great value in having the input and support of local Christians who believe in the work NCEM is doing here at Arrowhead Native Bible Center.

I have been working with our field director, Len Breen, with respect to the logistics of an ANBC Advisory Committee, and have begun to approach people with the ministry opportunity. This ministry is for the honour and Glory of God, and if it is to be wholly submitted to Him it must be surrendered to Him in prayer and humility. Please keep all of this in prayer as the team begins to take shape and as people prayerfully consider serving with us in this way. There are many details to work through over the coming months.

With respect to our 2012 schedule, plans for our men's retreat are coming together - a brochure and details should be forthcoming in the next few days! We can look forward to another fantastic opportunity for ministry through this event. Check out some of the fun we had last year:

As winter marches on, I have as yet not had to shovel or plow snow, for which I am grateful. There is call for a storm tonight, but it is supposed to melt again tomorrow with temperatures being well above zero. It has been nice to be able to focus my efforts on things other than snow removal this winter.