Thursday, July 8, 2010

some fresh driveway on the driveway!

We've been busy this week with some of the many projects that we're trying to accomplish before the staff and campers arrive, just over a week from now! We've been having regular planning meetings with the Strouts and have been dividing up the work to be done!

Yesterday Kevin, Ben, James and I went to Fredericton to run camp errands and had a chance to stop in and visit some kids in Oromocto who are planning to come to camp this summer! Today Liz and Marcia went with the camp truck to buy the remaining groceries that we need for camp this year. They'll be home in a couple of hours and we'll unload the goods!

Today Mr. Fearn came and put some fresh driveway on the driveway ... it looks great! We had to widen the driveway to get the new office to it's new spot on the property, so now we have a nice wide entrance down as far as the office where the gates will be relocated.

Late in the day as Ben and I were finishing cleaning up the picnic area and getting ready to head home, the Advanced Tech guys arrived to work on the fire alarm and internet access. They worked until about 10:30 and have just left. We now have internet access at the Center, which is a necessity for us to operate fully out of the new office.

Tomorrow promises to be another full day with lots of exciting visitors. We should get lots accomplished!

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