Thursday, November 27, 2008

Advent Devotional

At our church every Advent, the congregation takes part in writing an Advent devotional booklet to read during the season of Advent. I thought that I'd share with you the devotion that I wrote for Wednesday, December 10th.

Scripture Reading - Mark 12:28-31

Christmas is the season when most of us are given cause to remember to be charitable to those who are in need. Many of us give to the food banks, Operation Christmas Child, the telethon…there are many charitable organisations in need at this time of year. It's so very important that we do what we can for our neighbours around us, regardless of their needs. Many people would say that this is the true meaning of Christmas. We read in Mark that there are two commandments greater than all others: Love God, and Love your neighbour. By this, to love our neighbour is to love God, in that we are expressing the Love of God to them, and obeying Him by it. Truly, Christ is the reason for the season, but think carefully what that implies. We have a picture of the nativity that is warm and happy and safe, and we often forget how very great the sacrifice that has been made in the birth of baby Jesus. To be born a man, our Saviour came to live among us. This act alone was a great sacrifice, to culminate with the ultimate sacrifice of His death and resurrection. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ began at His birth, which we celebrate at Christmas.
So often we get caught up in the business of Christmas, in seeking desperately to achieve that warm fuzzy feeling. Christmas is a celebration of Christ and should serve as a reminder to each of us that we too, as followers of Christ, are to sacrifice every day to His glory. Loving our neighbours and selflessly seeking to share the light and love of Christ. Let's make this Christmas more about love and less about wrapping gifts. Don't miss out on the opportunity to share true Christmas Spirit.

Dear Lord, this year help me to keep from getting caught up in the selfish Christmas of the world. May this be the Season of Christian love in Your name. Amen.

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