Friday, October 3, 2008

At Rainbows End

It was 6:00pm, time for registration. Marcia and I had everything ready, we even had time to sit down and have a cup of tea together! We anxiously awaited the first lady/ladies to arrive. Soon a vehicle came down the driveway, it was Linda Beebe(wife of Barry Beebe, the president of NBBI) the keynote speaker. Soon after she arrived Cathy Hill arrived, a missionary to the First Nations people. Along with her came Liz Genaille one of the guest musicians for the weekend. We sat around and chatted with them as well as their husbands(the kitchen help for the weekend) while we waited for more ladies to arrive. Then 7:00pm came, no one else. We were to have started our first meeting at that time, where was everyone? Is anyone going to come? What if it's just us? But then another vehicle came down the driveway, it's Venus and her carload, hooray we can start! Venus brought 3 ladies with her and along that same time Gracie Welch arrived and so we were ready to start our ladies weekend.

At Rainbows End was the name of theme for the ladies retreat. It was held at Camp Arrowhead in N.B. Friday night was a great evening of singing and Liz Genaille sharing her amazing testimony of how God has and is working in her life. We then spent the rest of the evening playing a few games, munching on some goodies and talking.

Saturday morning before B'fast Cathy Hill had a short devotional. Even more ladies arrived Sat morning. We then had a great B'fast and then awaited the arrival of our other musician, Brenda Geneau. Upon her arrival we started our morning session. Brenda shared with us in song and Linda Beebe shared with us in Word. It was a real blessing to hear each ones testimony and how God has been working in their lives. Sat afternoon we had a craft time then some free time to catch a few zzzzzz's or a game or two of scrabble. We then had another session with more great singing from Brenda as well as her amazing testimony. One thing that struck me when listening to Liz and Brenda's testimony especially, is that God can do amazing things in anybody's life no matter how down and out our lives may get. God can use anyone to do great things for Him! We are ALL sinners SAVED by GRACE!!

After supper we had an evening session where Linda Beebe spoke more on Gods promises and how we can claim them. She was a great speaker and I think each lady really appreciated her openess and her very relevent way of speaking.

Sat night was a night of many laughs! After we were finished our Bible session most of us opted for our pj's and played some pretty hilarious games. It was a great way to get to know each other and in some cases more than what we wanted to know!!=)

Sunday morning I gave a short devotional before B'fast then we had our final session.
We were a small crowd but we sure had a great time and I think each lady was blessed by being there and being able to spend time in God's Word and being able to fellowship with other ladies of like faith.

My take home message from the weekend was that there are so many promises that God has given to us that we just need to claim them. He wants the best for us so all we need to do is give our lives over to Him. He has promised to Love us and never forsake us. We need to do them same for Him, everyday.

Thanks for letting me share and maybe next year we'll see you there!

In Christ,

Craft Time.

Worship Time.

Guest Speaker, Linda Beebe.

Special Music, Brenda Geneau.

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