Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wagons East

Every year about this time we launch a project campaign for the ministry at Arrowhead. This year we have a fantastic opportunity for some practical help for Arrowhead. This year we have a super exciting opportunity for you to join with us in!!

NCEM has given us the opportunity to acquire a truckload of supplies from a ministry centre in Alberta; items ranging from sporting goods, commercial kitchen supplies, tools, office supplies and furniture. There is a 15 passenger van and the possibility of a trailer that we can acquire at very little cost (inspection and minor repairs). There are supplies at NCEM HQ that we can retrieve and haul East, as well as an almost brand new commercial Dishwasher that we are being given in Saskatchewan as well.

In order to avail Arrowhead of this fantastic opportunity I will need to recruit a second driver and we will need to fly to Edmonton. From there we will travel to Lac La Biche to retrieve the van and trailer and load it with the materials destined for Arrowhead. We will then travel to Saskatchewan to retrieve the commercial dishwasher and continue on to NCEM headquarters for any remaining materials. Then we will take turns driving and it will be WAGON's EAST.

The journey from Alberta to Cumberland Bay will be almost 4700 kms and will take 3 to 5 days. It is our plan to take the journey prior to the end of March. So we are very limited in our timeline.

This journey will require us to fund two one-way plane tickets from Fredericton to Edmonton, fuel for the return journey and meals along the way, as well as some minor repair fees for the van and insurance for the journey. We are estimating that $2,600 would cover all of these costs for this project; the benefits far outweighing the expense.

If you or your church would like to contribute to this important project for Arrowhead Native Bible Centre; you can give by contacting NCEM directly at 306-764-3388 (this method will give you a tax deductible receipt); you can also visit the website HERE. or by visiting our Go Fund Me profile HERE. If you give directly to NCEM please indicate to them that you are giving to the ANBC Wagon's East campaign.

Any funds received over and above our actual expenses will be used for retrofitting, registering and licensing the van and trailer in New Brunswick.

Wagon's East

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