Sunday, May 7, 2017

Spring Work Teams

As always we've been immensely blessed by work team volunteers who came to ANBC and gave of themselves in their talents to accomplish much for the sake of the ministry here. I'll let the pictures tell the story.

The soffit, fascia and window trim was all completed on the office building, and a new large window was installed for the radio studio. 

Over the years we have really come to love this group of people like family. Many of them come year after year to serve the Lord alongside us at Arrowhead.  

What a talented group of folks from Gorrie Bible Fellowship in Ontario. They designed, raised funds for and built this cabin for our sporting goods and waterfront supplies. 

It's always a blessing to have this family join us. Hard working, Gospel loving family who just want to serve Jesus.

We have a new sign at the road, thankfully Rob and Dave were able to adjust for whoever the lug was who didn't measure before he ordered the new signs...  

It was great to have the DeNuke family with us for a day this year - here are some of them - happy dish helpers! 

It's not the same if mom's not here. She get the mailing all ready for the Quiver - you can expect it sometime in the next couple of weeks in your mailbox.  

Matthew and Lester are from Gorrie, they had to sneak away a little bit before the rest of their team so they missed the group photo! Thanks for coming guys. 

Darren Goodfellow at River Signs in Miramichi  put some groovy decals on the camp truck for us! We have our very own HotWheels.

These ladies stained and painted and freshened up all over the place this time. Here they stained the sign by the front gate. It looks fantastic! 

One of the major projects for the Peterborough crew was this amazing new lighting in our dining room! It looks great gang! 

We were joined by a small contingent from Lisbon Falls Baptist Church this Spring as well; Paul Marstaller and his son in law Rick Pierce joined us. Here they are putting up one of the brand new signs we have on our property.  

The guys from Gorrie cut down over 100 dead or dying trees on our property. The chainsaws were buzzing the entire time they were here - tireless guys! 

Jeff did a lot of body work on our truck to help us keep it from rusting. It's looking pretty great now!!

Jamie, Jonathan, Jason and Joshua all worked on a number of welding projects; the biggest project was to make new gates for our new property. They also retrofit our box rack for our new truck and added some hooks to our camp out wagon. 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Wagons East: On The Road

Thanks to everyone who contributed financially to this effort. Because of your contributions the trip was a huge success. The van ran beautifully, and will make a wonderful addition to the ministry here at Arrowhead; and we were able to load it with a great supply of materials and items that will benefit the ministry here as well.

It was such a great privilege to reconnect with friend and fellow missionary Jonathan Yeo and his family. 

Jonathan has a coffee business selling green beans, you'll never have better coffee than the stuff you roast yourself. (

Liz and I bought this little utility trailer so that we could haul as much as possible back to NB. It was a challenge to get it registered once we got it here - but all is taken care of now. 

Jonathan drove me up to Lac La Biche to pick up the van and load it with our cargo. 

We saw lots of Prarie sights on the Prairie open road. 

Lizs' brother Jonathan DeNuke met me at Lac La Biche and we drove back together! Here we stopped in Cold Lake for supplies.
Big sky in the Praries. 

We stopped at NCEM head office; David and Ralph showing us  the old press room—they have been working at dismantling the old presses for recycling.

Blaine working at editing video footage at Tribal Trails. 

Brent & Blaine gave us a tour of the Tribal Trails studio.

NCEM head office in Prince Albert, SK. 

 We were blessed by a kind gift of gift cards for our journey, Timmy's fuelled our journey.

We marched along on our journey through Saskatchewan and Manitoba... 

Making a late night arrival in Ontario.

We discovered the ice road in Kenora... and decided to avoid it this time through. 

We saw this chap in Fort Vermillion; Joe from #PushForChange ( 

New Brunswick was a welcome sight... if snowy. 

 After 5500 kms we landed home safe and sound! 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Jesus To The Nations: Mission Fest Halifax 2017

This year I returned to represent NCEM at Jesus to the Nations in Halifax. The numbers of visitors to the event have significantly dwindled in recent years - but we took the Waban-Aki Book Shop this year and found that there was a great deal of interest in our materials. We had a number of good conversations and connected with like minded missionaries. In a general way it was helpful to be at J2N this year.

It was great to be able to have the book shop there and make some of our great materials available. We plan to see the Book Shop travel to a greater degree in the future.  

We had two tables this year; one of NCEM promotional materials and one for the book shop. 

Two faces I love dearly. It's always a treat to spend time with Phil & Grace. 

Gracie chatting with one of the visitors to our tables. 

It was wonderful to see our friends from Lisbon Falls. The Sherburnes enjoyed much of the conference and we got to chat together a number of times!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wagons East

Every year about this time we launch a project campaign for the ministry at Arrowhead. This year we have a fantastic opportunity for some practical help for Arrowhead. This year we have a super exciting opportunity for you to join with us in!!

NCEM has given us the opportunity to acquire a truckload of supplies from a ministry centre in Alberta; items ranging from sporting goods, commercial kitchen supplies, tools, office supplies and furniture. There is a 15 passenger van and the possibility of a trailer that we can acquire at very little cost (inspection and minor repairs). There are supplies at NCEM HQ that we can retrieve and haul East, as well as an almost brand new commercial Dishwasher that we are being given in Saskatchewan as well.

In order to avail Arrowhead of this fantastic opportunity I will need to recruit a second driver and we will need to fly to Edmonton. From there we will travel to Lac La Biche to retrieve the van and trailer and load it with the materials destined for Arrowhead. We will then travel to Saskatchewan to retrieve the commercial dishwasher and continue on to NCEM headquarters for any remaining materials. Then we will take turns driving and it will be WAGON's EAST.

The journey from Alberta to Cumberland Bay will be almost 4700 kms and will take 3 to 5 days. It is our plan to take the journey prior to the end of March. So we are very limited in our timeline.

This journey will require us to fund two one-way plane tickets from Fredericton to Edmonton, fuel for the return journey and meals along the way, as well as some minor repair fees for the van and insurance for the journey. We are estimating that $2,600 would cover all of these costs for this project; the benefits far outweighing the expense.

If you or your church would like to contribute to this important project for Arrowhead Native Bible Centre; you can give by contacting NCEM directly at 306-764-3388 (this method will give you a tax deductible receipt); you can also visit the website HERE. or by visiting our Go Fund Me profile HERE. If you give directly to NCEM please indicate to them that you are giving to the ANBC Wagon's East campaign.

Any funds received over and above our actual expenses will be used for retrofitting, registering and licensing the van and trailer in New Brunswick.

Wagon's East

Extended Ecclesia

It has been a commitment for me this year to visit as many of our supporting churches as possible. Whether supporting in prayer, finances, practical ministry or hands on service I want to minister to you for the sake of the ministry here and keeping you connected to what the Lord is doing here. It has been my privilege to visit a number of churches already this year and I look forward to being with many more of you in the coming months.

If you would like for us to come and give a ministry update to your church, mission group, Bible fellowship or Sunday School, please don't hesitate to ask.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

ANBC Advisory Team

It has been a huge blessing to have a team of faithful folks working to support the leadership of the ministry here at Arrowhead Native Bible Centre. Without their input, wisdom and encouragement over the past number of years this task would have been far more difficult. 

Our committee has had some changes of late that have changed the dynamic of our group and meetings, and we are excited to see where the Lord is going to take this ministry at Arrowhead. We have a lot of exciting ideas and plans and have some ideas that are currently before the executive of NCEM. 

Please continue to pray for Arrowhead Native Bible Centre as we strive to lead it in the direction that God would have it go. It is our hearts desire to see it be obedient to Him in His word, effective in that obedience and constantly striving to be a servant for the sake of the Gospel. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Camp Meetings

It is important to debrief and regroup from time to time. It was very encouraging to be able to travel to Saskatchewan to visit Big river Bible Camp and Pine Ridge Bible Camp—both residential camps operated by NCEM missionaries. To be able to discuss challenges and joys and encourage one other while sharing resources and ideas is of inestimable value. I very much appreciated the opportunity to visit these camps this Fall.

We enjoyed a round table discussion with many of the other camp workers. 

Tim Gradin entering one of the cabins at Pine Ridge Bible Camp. 

Pine Ridge Bible Camp. 

The fantastic new lodge at Big River Bible Camp.