Tuesday, September 3, 2013

the Moose.

We would like to give thanks to God for His protection last evening. On Sunday afternoon I drove to Moncton to pick up Ben Bedecki; he is spending the week with us at ANBC to help with some cleaning and maintenance. On the return trip we turned onto highway 10 and commenced what is known as the four mile stretch. It's a very dark and empty piece of road, there are no houses or power lines.

Ben saw the moose first and called out, I had about a second to react. I think I hit the brakes before we hit the moose, but it is difficult to know. We hit it hard never the less. Both Ben and myself walked away unharmed, and for that we are thankful. Several agencies responded to the accident including the paramedics (just to check us out), the Cumberland Bay Volunteer Fire Department, Dept. of forestry and the police. By the time forestry arrived the moose had expired.

It was a frightening experience, and it certainly puts things into perspective. We are very grateful that God in His sovereignty has chosen not to take us. He did, however, take the camp truck. I am working with our insurance company on filing a claim.

The firemen believe the moose may have been texting, which would have distracted it enough to be in our lane. They found a pink cell phone case very near the moose. I heartily concur that the moose would never have hit us if it had been paying attention.

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