Monday, March 29, 2010

Riverglade United Baptist Church

Sunday morning Liz and I were pleased to share with the congregation at Riverglade Baptist. Their enthusiasm and support were a huge encouragement. They have promised to uphold us, our staff and campers in prayer as the summer camps approach! There will be opposition in many forms, and it is so important that our friends and supporters join with us in prayer as the summer approaches. It is vital that our staff maintain their relationship with the Lord and not allow themselves to be distracted from the most important relationship in their lives. Not only for ministry sake, but for their own spiritual well being as well! And please pray that even now the Lord would be preparing hearts and minds to hear the gospel presented clearly and practically at camp this year!

We are nearing year end with NCEM, and I have been quite busy today getting some book work done and beginning to prepare for the year end procedures. Roan and Laura at NCEM headquarters will have their work cut out for them as they merge over twenty sets of books from various NCEM departments.

Tomorrow Kevin and I have several meetings in the Fredericton area. We will be cashing in all of the pennies that we have received as well. I'm sure it will be an interesting visit to the bank! I'll let you know what the final tally is tomorrow night!

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